A Good Time to Buy a Home in Orlando

December 3, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Now is one of the best times ever to purchase a home in the Orlando area. From the rock bottom prices, to the great selection there may never be a better time to buy a home in Orlando


The Orlando market has not seen prices as low as they are now in years. Due to the market collapse that took place a few years ago, prices have dropped to levels that reflect the homes’ actual, un-inflated value and are the greatest values buyers may ever find. In today’s market, a buyer can save hundreds of thousands of dollars without even trying.  

Not only are Orlando’s prices at rock bottom, the interest rates have fallen to all time lows as well. Current rates are remaining low and steady and every point off the interest rate means thousands in long-term savings for the buyer. 

Since prices and interest rates are lower, a buyer’s required income to purchase a home as decreased as well. All this translates to unprecedented affordability in the Orlando area.  


The recent housing crisis has been hard on the entire country. Orlando was no exception, as foreclosures numbered into the thousands in the area during the lowest point of the crisis. The massive numbers of foreclosures, however, meant that the supply was way up and the demand almost disappeared. Prices were driven down and because many of the foreclosed homes did not sell the prices are being held down with a steady decline. 

Investors have come back to Orlando in full-force as well. They realize the great values to be found in many of our local neighborhoods.  The market continues to attract domestic and foreign buyers to Florida to take advantage of the great deals. They realize that Orlando is a great location and are swooping up all they can. There is no better time for a homeowner to invest in their own future and secure equity in a home before prices and rates skyrocket again.


There are plenty of available homes in Orlando for anyone’s taste.  Looking for an old style home with a lot of charm?   A newer, more modern home loaded with gadgets?   A “green” home that saves on energy costs?  It’s all available in Orlando. The sky’s the limit and if you’re not already a local, you’ll soon find there’s something for everyone in Orlando, Florida.  


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