Wekiva Springs

Real Estate in Wekiva Springs, Florida

Residents and passersby all rave about Wekiva Springs. Why? This lovely little town is full of history, adventure, wildlife, and convenience. Some of Florida's most beautiful parks and recreation areas are located in Wekiva Springs. Central Florida's theme parks and shopping attractions are just around the bend. And on top of it all, Wekiva Springs is home to some of Seminole County's most affordable real estate.

Dig into the Wekiva Springs real estate market and you will discover that homes for sale in Wekiva Springs are affordable, attractive, and the residents all enjoy a superb quality of life. If you're an outdoorsman, you'll love the Wekiva Springs State Park. This awesome park is a wonderful place to camp, hike, canoe, kayak, and more. Fishermen and water sports enthusiasts will have a blast on the Wekiva River, which flows right through the state park.

The population of Wekiva Springs is approximately 25,900. With fewer than 3,000 people per square mile, the town of Wekiva Springs is not too crowded, but it still has all the conveniences of the suburbs. In 2008, the median price for real estate in Wekiva Springs was less than $300,000. So if you're looking for a gorgeous, lightly populated place to raise a family, you're jaw will drop when you get to Wekiva Springs.