Village View Flip Video (click here)

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Our Village View flip was one of our more challenging floor plans. This home had walls everywhere including what was once a converted atrium into a bizarre room of lattice. We opened the whole living area into one open space. We converted one of the many halls into a large walk in closet for the master. The master bath was changed up to allow more space for a double sink vanity and walk in shower. This flip went very smooth from start to finish. We were on the market for about a week selling and sold this flip for $332,500. That is $7500 over what we original wanted when we first purchased this flip.

Thunder Trail Flip Video

Thunder Trail Flip Video

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Here is our Thunder trail flip that we did the summer of 2015. We did a major face lift on the front of this ugly mid-century modern home. We used the existing lines and feel of the original plan on the interior. The main changes on the inside was the drop ceilings everywhere that is common with a flat roof. We removed all the boxes used for the AC duct work in the living areas and ran them on the inside wall of the bedrooms to help conceal them. We also built a drop ceiling for the AC ducts over the kitchen bar top. This helped get air to the kitchen, living and dining. We hung lights from the drop ceiling and made it the same size as bar top in the kitchen. This created an illusion that the drop ceiling was meant to be there. The front of the home we created a stained wood wall to match the wood grain garage door. The rest of the home was cosmetic repairs.

What to Know Before Flipping Homes

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Flipping homes is no easy feat. Before getting started, you should know, at the very least, three main things: your budget, your time frame, and all about the location that you’re buying in.

Your budget

Being realistic about what you can afford when flipping homes is key when getting started. That should narrow down your options to what falls within your budget. It’s not only the cost of the house itself and the flip, it’s all the other expenses that come along with it.

The expenses that you put into the house aren’t your only things to consider. Real estate agents, insurance, and lawyers are also among the many things that cost money in this endeavor, so make sure to factor them into your budget.

Try to get an idea of what the contractor or handyman that you choose to work with, will charge. If you don’t discuss with him beforehand, you may get slammed with a pretty big bill depending on the job. Sometimes there needs to be more work done than meets the eye, so having a guy to work with that you trust can be helpful. He will probably want to keep you in good graces, especially if you’ll be hiring him for other house flipping work in the future.

Is There a Successful House Flipper in You?

Is There a Successful House Flipper in You?

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Thinking About Real Estate InvestmentThere is a hot topic amongst many in the Central Florida real estate market and that is flipping houses. This particular investment strategy involves three major steps which could be described as follows:

  1. Buy a piece of real estate (preferably somewhere in Central Florida)
  2. Fix it up (preferably for less than you paid for it)
  3. Turn it around (or flip it) quickly on the market at a higher price

You can probably see why this holds appeal for many people interested in trying their hands at real estate investment. This is where we’d just like to pass on our few words of caution and advice for people interested in taking this step on their own. Just like any potentially lucrative venture, success will require a few things. It’s going to take patience, skill and some money of your own.

Home Flipping Advice from the Experts

Some people are interested in trying their hand at flipping properties but don’t want to go at it all on their own. This is one of the areas we specialize in. If you’re still leaning towards more of a DIY mentality, we have some words of wisdom worth considering in advance:

Six Tips to Get Your Home Investment Game Off the Ground

Six Tips to Get Your Home Investment Game Off the Ground

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The current growth in the housing market has tempted more people into taking the investment plunge. Is this the right move for you? To make the most out of a real estate investment (or even simply to avoid disaster), you’ll need to make intelligent decisions from the get-go.

Investment Guidelines for New Home Buyers

If it’s your first time investing in the Central Florida housing market, here are a few investment tips that you should keep in mind:

1) Good Investment is a Numbers Game

Successful investing is a numbers game. You want to avoid becoming emotionally invested in the property. This is not going to involve the same metrics that you might focus on for your family’s residence. To play this numbers game well, keep these three points in mind:

  • What you need to spend to purchase the property.
  • How much it’ll cost to refurbish the property.
  • What you’ll be able to sell or rent it for.

2) Have a Strategy in Place

You’ll avoid plenty of issues if you know your strategy and stick to it. Are you looking to fix up homes or buy and hold until property values come up? This is also an essential practice if you are learning how to flip properties. Having a strategy in place allows you to react effectively to the unexpected without losing sight of long-term goals.

343 Mead Dr, Oviedo, FL. 32765 – $195,500 AVAILABLE (CLICK HERE)

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5012 Milford Estate Pt, Oviedo, FL. 32765 – $289,900 AVAILABLE (CLICK HERE)

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10 W Harding St, Orlando, FL. 32806 – $134,900 AVAILABLE (CLICK HERE)

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Investment Ideas: Salvaging Wholesale Deals

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There are a number of ways wholesalers of real estate investment properties may find the deals that keep them going. Ideally, a good investment will be one where an investor can mark-up a property slightly and pass it on to another investor. One simple way to find these kinds of deals is by salvaging previous deals.

When a wholesaler’s property is under a contract, the “inspection period” is used to either sell it or get out of the contract, to ensure his deposit is refunded. During this time, they may market it to their own buyers who are on their e-mail lists and might even permit other investors to advertise their property. The initial investor is usually willing and able to split the profits of a deal with any investor who is able to deliver a buyer, or may require the investor to mark up the price.   

If a bank owned property, there may be less than 5 days to inspect the property and market it to their potential buyers. Here’s the great part: If the investor never secures a buyer, the listing agent will offer it to the public; oftentimes for less than the price that was offered to the investor!

Orlando Florida: Hollywood of the South East

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The Orlando area is mainly known for it’s theme parks, world-class resorts, and beautiful weather. Not many people know, however, that Orlando is also home to several working television and movie studios, a thriving music scene, and a passion for sports. Orlando Florida is a virtual Hollywood of the southeast, teeming with celebrities from every entertainment field.

Movies and Television

With working film and television studios, it is only natural that celebrities would reside in Orlando. The area has had a history of producing famous faces. For example, TV’s Buddy Epson (The Beverly Hillbillies) was born in Orlando and attended Rollins College in Winter Park in the late 1920’s.   Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) also graduated from Rollins College in Orlando. 

Actors such as Wayne Brady (The Wayne Brady Show; Whose Line is it Anyway?) and Wesley Snipes have their roots in Orlando as well. Wesley Snipes was born in Orlando and went on to become one of the most recognizable superstars in the world, starring in such films as the Blade trilogy, U.S Marshalls, and the Art of War. Wayne Brady graduated from Orlando’s Dr. Phillips High School and started his improv comedy career in Orlando.

How to Choose the Right Investment Property

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Most veteran real estate investors will tell you that it takes experience, dedication, and skill to find your ideal investment property. These investors were once novices themselves and might have learned their “lessons” the hard way. However, if you follow the right plan from the start of your investment career, you may be able to become a true pro and reap your rewards sooner than most. 

Know where you’re headed

Setting goals and entering the investment process knowing what you want to get out of it will help you choose the right investment property. This in turn will help you reach your goals most efficiently. Just remember to stay realistic and always know before hand what you’re getting into. Following the steps below will help you do just that. 

Know the area

Whatever market area you decide to invest in, make sure you know what to expect. You can start this by analyzing past sales trends (which tend to repeat themselves) and know which stage the current market is in to plan for the future. Also analyze what types of investments do best in the area. Land purchases? Rental properties? New development? Consider the time frame for your return on investment for each of these types of properties and compare this to what you’re willing to put into a project and what you’re looking to get out of it. 

Do your research

Consider the following factors in researching your potential investment properties:

·         Industry and development forecasts for the area
·         Past, present and future outlook of demographics – what type of people are moving in and out of the area?
·         Land availability – lower availability of land results in a typically upward push in prices.
·         Employment rates
·         Average property values and vacancy rates – your real estate agent can help you with this. 

Name the right price

Determining the fair market value is a key factor in your success as a real estate investor and can also be one of the most challenging aspects of the investment process. Keep in mind that no one wants to overpay for property – and in a fluctuating market, keeping up with sales trends can be tricky. A realtor can help you determine the market value with a comparative market analysis (CMA) using the same techniques a professional property appraiser uses. From these price points, you will be better able to negotiate a market price and sell your investment property at a competitive price and minimize the time your property sits on the market.  

1245 Wisconsin St, Winter Park FL 32789 – $285,000 AVAILABLE (CLICK HERE)

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6033 Danube way, Orlando Florida 32807 – $89,900 AVAILABLE (CLICK HERE)

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Come check out this beautiful remodeled home in Azalea Park. This home is move-in ready and located close to the downtown Orlando area. This homes updating includes new kitchen with granite counter tops, real wood cabinets, new appliances and much more. The brand new bathroom has a new vanity, shower tile, floor tile, tub and new fixtures. Fresh painting and new floors throughout make this home a MUST SEE!!!! Engelwood Elementary and Jackson Middle Schools are just a short walk from this convenient location. Colonial High School is also just a short drive or bike ride away. There is also plenty of shopping just down the road at the Fashion Square Mall. For those looking to enter the central Florida job market this location is near Florida Hospital East, Orlando International Airport and all the shops Semoran blvd has to offer. Don’t let this opportunity pass you bye, call today for an appointment.

Orlando Home Flipping Update For May

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Here is our latest update on some of our recent buyer rehabs and MFIP rehabs. Nobody wanted the 3931 Bryston property so I am rehabbing it myself. I purchased 8146 Shriver in
the same neighborhood as 3931 Bryston. The rehab took under 10 days and I already have it under contract after 1 week on the market. I should be out of this property under 60 days. 3931 Bryston is going to take under 10 days to rehab and I already have interest in the property. I plan on starting 400 W. Princeton next week. My 2415 Hargill is scheduled to close in a couple of weeks. Several of our buyers are having the same results. For those who are still on the fence when it comes to flipping homes the proof is below. MFIP is rehabbing 2 and 3 at a time, buying its own inventory and making huge profits. We have
several more of our buyer's homes about to hit the market. I will give another update soon.
May 14 post

Address_____________   MFIP PRICE___List/Sold Price__  Status

7951 Winter Song dr           $69,000            $134,500       Sold

6440 Rockaway st               $49,000            $95,000        Sold

2415 Hargill dr                     $112,000         $239,999        Pending

How to Make Money Flipping Homes

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Flipping homes in Central Florida has become a very lucrative enterprise. Real estate investors add value to a bargain property by performing a few choice home repairs. These repairs may include new bathroom tile, colorful landscaping adjustments, upgrade kitchen appliances, fresh carpet, and more. With a little time and a little capital, anyone can successfully flip a home in Central Florida. So if you're ready to tackle this profitable enterprise, then take a look at the following proven home-flipping methods:

•    PURCHASE, REPAIR, FLIP: The most popular home-flipping method is to purchase real estate that needs minor repairs, perform the repairs, which inflates the home value, and then put the home back on the market. It is very common for people to make around $25,000 from a single transaction using this method. If you decide to flip a home using this method, make sure not to underestimate how many repairs need to be performed and how much those repairs might cost. A thorough home inspection will help you evaluate any necessary repairs.

Home Flipping In Orlando Florida

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Do you ever wonder what happened to some of those Mid Florida Investment Properties you passed on? Here is an update where these properties stand at the moment. I can’t share the contract price on the pending properties until they close. I will tell you that most of the offers are at asking price or more. We have a lot of rehabs almost ready to go on the market and I will keep you updated on the new and the pending properties below. The MFIP price is the wholesale price and the listed price is the price after the properties were rehabbed.  Address                                    MFIP Price      List Price     Status 537 W. Winter Park st       $130,000       $255,000   Pending 7951 Winter Song dr         $69,000          $134,900   Pending 6440 Rockaway st              $49,900          $99,500     Pending 1946 Colton dr                    $55,000          $113,900   Pending 3914 Pelican ln                   $112,000        $200,000   Pending 5107 Taunton dr                $67,000          $137,500    Pending 1832 Willow ln                   $82,000           $179,900    Pending 2013 Lake dr                       $114,500        $212,500    Sold 31 Areca dr                          $52,000          $122,900   Sold 7751 Boreas dr                  $75,000          $130,000    Sold for properties just like these.

FHA – Flipping Rule Waiver If Value Increased More Than 20%

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For property sales prices that are 20% or more above the Seller’s acquisition cost the following must be performed:  Keep in mind that if the value increases by 100% or more, a second appraisal is required:

  • Appraiser must indicate the Seller completed legitimate renovation, repair and rehabilitation work on the subject property to substantiate the increase in value. 
  • If the work was not performed, Appraiser must provide appropriate explanation of the increase in value since prior title transfer;


  • The Lender processing the loan must order a property inspection report and provide a copy to the purchaser prior to closing. Cost of this inspection may be charged to the Borrower.  The inspector must not have any interest in the property or relationship with the Seller and may only be compensated by the Lender.  The inspector may not compensate any one for the inspection referral or be compensated for making referrals or recommending contractors to perform any repairs recommended by the inspection.  Property inspections must include, at a minimum, the following:
  • Structure, including foundation, floor, ceiling, walls and roof;
  • Exterior, including siding, doors, windows, appurtenant structures such as decks and balconies, walkways and driveways;


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The HUD Secretary announced Friday afternoon a temporary lift on the 90 day FHA seasoning rule.

This is HUGE!!!

In an effort to speed sales of distressed properties and homes
that have been rehabbed by investors buying and selling for a profit,
FHA will no longer require that the property be owned by the seller for 90 days!

This rule waiver is scheduled for one year and designed to “stabilize
home values and improve conditions in communities where
foreclosure activity is high”, according to the announcement.

This is going to reduce hold times for investors and increase investor activity. It also
means FHA will insure REO’s for buyers!! Did I mention how BIG this is? This will definitely
stimulate some sales!!

Here’s why this is so great….

For investor resales, FHA is the only way to go right now because they
require only 3.5% down and the seller can contribute up to 6% to
the buyers closing costs, getting them in very, very light when
necessary. Problem was, FHA wouldn’t underwrite any home being
sold within 90 days of the purchase. This rule has squelched many
investors activities and kept them from buying, because they were
being forced to hold the properties longer, increasing their expenses.

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