Harmon House In Winter park (Final update)

Here are some pictures of the Harmon house in Winter Park Florida. This is the 7th rehab I have started this year and I am closing in on my goal of 12 rehabs this year. This rehab we won't be changing the floor plan too much. We plan on making the kitchen bigger, the master bath bigger and updating everything. I will update this post with more pictures as more work is completed.

Front pictures

Here is front before.



Here is the exterior with the new roof, garage doors, shutters, landscaping and we built some new columns on the porch.

harmon 030


Kitchen pictures

The kitchen only has 6 cabinets. This back wall in this picture is where the stove was, the stove stuck out almost one foot past cabinets and needs to be level with cabinets.



Here you can see we pushed the wall back so the cabinets will line up with the stove. The water heater is now to small for the closet and has to be moved. We were planning on moving the water heater to the garage anyway. The water heater had no pan underneath it and if it were to leak it would ruin the wood floors.



Drywall is complete. Pass through window is rounded off to match the rest of the arches.

822010 017


This wall is where we will build the new pantry. We will close in the door giving us a whole wall for cabinets, refrigerator and new pantry. The kitchen has three places to enter so closing off one of the doors will not be such a big deal.



The door closed off and new pantry built on the right.

822010 016


Here you can see the advantage of closing off the door. We were able to get 4 upper cabinets, 2 lower cabinets, microwave, stove and frig on this wall.

harmon 005


Here is a look at the other side of the kitchen. This kitchen went form 6 cabinets to 11 and we added microwave and dishwasher.

harmon 006


Hall bath pictures


We left the toilet and sink for workers and both will be removed as we get further along.



The shower has plastic walls and will be replaced with tile.



The bathtub and shower walls removed. The studs and floor have to be replaced do to severe wood rot.



New tub and ready for tile.

822010 013


We used the 12×24 tile and ran it vertical on the shower wall, new tub, vanity, wall cabinet, floor tile and paint.

harmon 026


Another view.

harmon 025


Family room pictures

 Here is the family room from back side.



The windows, floors and wood have been removed. The windows and door will be rounded off at the top to match the rest of the arches in the house.



Drywall complete, windows and doorway rounded off at the top to match the rest of the house.

822010 001


We are leaving this window into dining open. The top will be rounded off to match the rest of the openings.   



Drywall complete and ready for texture.

822010 004


The family room we used the12x24 tile in a brick pattern, new base, drywall, paint and rounded off the openings.

harmon 010


Dining room pictures

 Here is the dining room and the other side of the window that looks into family room. We have removed the flooring and window. 



Drywall complete.

822010 005


We kept the hardwood floors and refinished them, new paint and baseboards.

harmon 003


Master bath pictures

The master bath before picture.



We will be closing off this door to the bathroom and turning the toilet facing the shower. This bathroom has two doors and we decided to make a true master bathroom. This will also allow us to make bathroom bigger.



Door closed off.

822010 011


Here you can see we turned the toilet and it gave us more room for a bigger vanity and wall cabinet. We did the 12×25 brick pattern on the floor.

harmon 017


 Here we tore out the shower, closet and plan on making a large shower with glass doors.



 The shower is now bigger and ready for tile.  



We used the 12×24 veritical on the walls and new glass doors.

harmon 019


 Living room pictures

 Here room view from front door.



We removed paneling and will replace with drywall to match the rest of the house.



Drywall complete and ready for texture

822010 007


The hardwood turned out perfect.

harmon 002


 Bedroom pictures

 Master bedroom before.

master before1


Here is the finished master. We replaced all the doors, base, refinished floors and paint through out the whole house.

harmon 021


Before pic of bedroom 2 on the right.

right before1


All complete. Look at that shine on the floor.

harmon 022


Before pic of bedroom 3 on the left.

left before1



harmon 024


 That is all I have for this flip. The home just appraised at $215,000 and will be on the market soon. Check out the Princeton property in the next few weeks as we put the finishing touch on that flip.










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