If you’re not flipping homes, what are you waiting for?

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What have I learned since my last property update a couple of months ago? The same doom and gloom fills the airwaves on TV, radio and in the news paper. All the talking heads and writers are wrong again. I have learned over the last 10 years that people who are not investing in real estate should not be reporting on the real estate market. I have an alliance with 12 other wholesalers here in town and none of us took a break when the market was dropping in value. We all continued to buy, fix, sell and wholesale. Everyone in my group just adapted to the market and continued business as usual.  We now have the media and so called experts predicting the market will take another hit after the tax credit expires on April 30th. So what should we all do?  Sit, watch and wait OR buy houses. Personally I am buying, the Hargill and Shriver properties are recent MFIP purchases. The summer months are upon us and people will be moving as usual and they will be looking for non bank deals that are move in ready. My plan is to provide those homes.  If you have any doubts about the market, the proof is below. A few months back I posted some similar successful flips just like below. We have several new properties that just came on the market and some still in the rehab process.  You will see a similar property update in a couple months just like below. You can be a success story on that list or someone sitting on the sideline waiting for the media to tell you when it’s the right time to invest.  

You can check out some of our buyers remodeled homes here www.floridahomeflipping.com . 


Address                               MFIP Price      List/Sold Price     Status

537 W. Winter Park st        $130,000            $235,000         Sold

1946 Colton dr                    $55,000              $113,000         Sold

3914 Pelican ln                   $112,000            $192,000         Sold

5107 Taunton dr                $67,000                $110,000         Sold

1832 Willow ln                   $82,000               $175,000         Sold

7951 Winter Song dr          $69,000               $134,900      Pending

6440 Rockaway st             $49,900                $99,500       Pending

2415 Hargill dr                   $112,000             $245,000     Available

8146 Shriver  dr                 $49,000               $110,000      Available



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