The lake house flip in stages

Well the Lake house flip is about 95% complete in just over 4 weeks and I plan on having it in the MLS for this coming weekend. I do have some early interest from my FSBO sign in the front yard and may have a buyer already at $235,000. The buyer wants her realtor who is in North Carolina  on vacation to represent her through the transaction. I will continue to market the property until I have a signed contract and escrow in hand. The market has really picked up on some of my other properties and I have a buyer after 1 week in the MLS on my Carlson house. Hopefully I get the same quick results on my Lake house. Here is my Lake flip in stages. Front porch before New stucco The front porch finished I used black on the front door to bring out the black in the tiled floor. Turned out to be a nice accent and goes well with the roof.   The front before Here is my flip before I started. This home was so ugly that it tried hiding behind this tacky fence.   Front There's  my flip all out in the open.   New stucco With the new stucco the home is now ready for the new garage door and paint. I turned the garage conversion back in to a garage to attract more buyers. Not a fan of garage conversions.   Getting closer New paint, soffit, garage door and the grading for the driveway is complete.   Almost done  All that I need is the landscaping and I want to put up a wall across the front. The wall is probably not going to happen because I have a 25 foot set back that would put the wall on top of the house. The county said that I need a variance and that will take month's, then I will have a 14 day grace period if the variance is approved and then I will get my permit. Crazy @!!@&))%@@    Now let's take a look  out back. Back porch before   Almost finished  All I need is the screen enclosure and this will be a nice place to take in the view of the lake.   View from the back porch  

Before  Now that is one ugly kithen and everything must go.  
Kitchen gutted
Bye bye ugly cabinets and cheap blue countertops.
Texture and knock down on the ceiling complete
New kitchen is almost ready for the install.
Finished view 1
New granite, custon cabinets and stainless steel appliances. This kitchen cost under $6000 installed with the brand new appliances.
View 2  
View 3   Dining room before  The dining room area had a lot of clutter and needed to be cleaned up.  
Dining room after
Now you have a clean look that is easy on the eyes.
Laundry before
The laundry room area before has a odd wall separating nothing and 3 exit doors to the garage. This is the view coming from the kitchen.
Laundry demo
We gutted the laundry and closed off all but one door to the garage. The back wall we made a new entrance to the bath off the laundry room.
Laundry finished
Now you have an open laundry room with great access to the bathroom. I decided to keep this bathroom off the laundry to have a 3rd full bath which is nice. It's also right off the garage and makes a nice place to shower after mowing the lawn.
Bathroom  off the laundry room
Here is the finished bath off the laundry room.
laundry before
Here is the view of the laundry coming from the garage.
Laundry demo
I moved the A/C unit when I replaced it with the new system. This gave me some empty space to create a nice pantry, something the kitchen did not have before.
Laundry complete

The left corner is my new pantry and the right corner is the door to the kitchen.
My next project was to make the family room more functional.
family room before
As you can see it was tight for a family room and with the slider to the right and the hall on the left. I needed to change the room to accommodate a couch and love seat.
family room demo
What I decide was to bump the wall back on the left to make room for a couch and end table.
Family room framing
Now I have a room that sets up nice for furniture without blocking the hall.
family room dry wall and textured
family room complete
This room is now set up perfect for a tv in the right corner, couch to the left and love seat floating off the slider. Perfect view from the kitchen for the cook who loves to watch TV and nice views to the lake from all seats in the family room.
Front bedroom before
The front bedroom was the oddest room in the house and I stole square footage from here to make the family room bigger. The right hand corner was a bathroom that had to go.
front bedroom before
Here is the view at the other side of the room. The left closet also had to go.
front bed room demo

The back left corner was moved up and the left side was moved in. When complete the room will be 10 x 15.
front bedroom framing
I had some dead space and made a walk in closet in the right corner. The back of the room is the new master closets.
front bedroom dry wall and texture
Front room complete
I put a french door on this room to give someone the option of having an office, den, formal living room or 4th bedroom.
bedroom before
bedroom complete
bedroom before
bedroom after
hall bath before
hall bath demo
hall bath complete
master before
The closet space was a huge problem in the master bedroom. I decided to make 2 walk in closets, replacing the tiny original closet.
master closet demo
No more tiny closet.
master closet frame work
Now I have two nice walk in closets ready for dry wall.
master dry wall and texture
master texture
master walk in closets done
master complete
Now I have a nice master big enough for king size bed and 2 nice walk in closets.
master bath before
master before
master shower complete
master bath finished

That is all for now and I will keep you posted on some more flips my buyers are working on. If you are interested in flipping a home you can find great deals at  . We also offer consulting for newbies that are nervous about getting their feet wet or seasoned flippers who are unsure about today's market.  Mid Florida Investment Properties  has continued  flipping properties at the same pace over the last 10 years and I have not let the news shake my confidence.  My company has made changes in strategy to fit today's market and it's business as usual. The price of houses have dropped and so have my offers. Deals are easier to find then buyers which is a reverse from years past.     There will always be an obstacle, even in a booming market. The object is to move with the market, not what you here on the TV.  Investors all over the country are buying up the good deals and before long the good deals will be harder to find and buyers will be lining up for the good deals once again. 
Stay tuned………..

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