College Park Foreclosure Home In Central Florida Remodeled To Perfection (CLICK HERE)

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Check out the transformation on our College Park foreclosure that we purchased from the bank (REO). This former 2 bedroom, one bath and 1182sqft will be transformed into a 4 bedroom, 3bath and 2275sqft. We will do this by building out the attic space and adding a master suite with bonus room over top. Our budget for this project is $80,000 and we purchased this property for $84,500. Once complete we will be marketing this property for $325,000. Mid-Florida Investment Properties is a wholesale company that supplies real estate at a huge discount to investors. Our company is also in the rehab business. We believe that to wholesale properties to must be active in rehabbing as well. We believe in what we do and our rehabs speak for themselves. There are many wholesale companies out there that do not rehab or have never rehabbed a property. We feel to sell wholesale properties you have to have a better understanding of what you sell. What better way than to actually particapate in what you sell. Our company has the construction know how by doing and the real estate back ground from selling hundreds of properties over the last 10 years. For more info on how to buy and sell real estate you can contact us here.


Front view photos

Here is the before picture of the front. We will be replacing all the windows, knocking the existing stucco down and giving the home a Mediterranean stucco finish.


front (533 x 400)


The stucco is now complete and ready for paint.

8222010 010


Here is the finished view of the front.

101810 094


 Side view photos

 Before picture of side.

side vview (533 x 400)


The addition is all framed in, new windows in the existing structure.

7192010 012


Side view with new stucco.

8222010 001


Side exterior finished.

101810 091


Back view photos

 The back of the house before the addition. Here we will tear out the deck and add the master addition with bonus room over top.

back (533 x 400)


 Getting ready for the footers.

back yard demo


Framing the walls.

7192010 011


Bonus room over the master framed out. This room when complete can be an extra bedroom or game room.

7192010 002 (2)


Another angle of addition.

7192010 001 (2)


Stucco angle from the back.

8222010 007


Finished back angle 1.

101810 123


Back porch before stucco.

7272010 003


Back porch view shows the new stucco texture.

8222010 006


Finished back exterior angle 2.

101810 089


Carport photos

 Getting ready for the footers.

backyard footer prep


Ready for the roof. The back portion will be used for storage.

7192010 010


Roof is complete. Now we wait for stucco and driveway

7272010 001


Stucco complete.

8222010 003


Carport complete.

101810 087


 Kitchen photos

The kitchen will be opened up and expanded. New custom 42" cabinets, granite counters and stainless steel appliances. 

kitchen before 2 (533 x 400)


 The kitchen gutted.

kitchen demo (533 x 400)


 Here you can see the wall on the left has been moved back and a huge new pantry is framed in.

 kitchen frame


Drywall and texture complete.

8222010 018


Finished kitchen pic 1

101810 098


Pic 2

101810 097


Pic 3

101810 096


Living room photos

 The living room will be gutted, wood floors through the whole house will be refinished, new doors, base and fresh paint.

 living before (533 x 400)


 Drywall and texture finished.

 8222010 012


Here is finished living room with refinished hardwood, new stone fireplace and fixtures.

101810 099


  The bedroom we eliminated  photos

 We used this bedroom to create space for the new downstairs bathroom, the hall leading to the new master suite and the wall we moved back in the kitchen.

back room before (533 x 400)


 Here you can see the old kitchen wall that divided the two rooms.

back bedroom demo (533 x 400)


 Here is the new hall that will lead to the master suite.

hall to master


Here you can see where we cut the old exterior wall and our hall now connects to the new master suite.

822010 021


Drywall and textured

8222010 023


Finished hall to the master suite.

101810 122


 The new bathroom downstairs framed in.

down bath frame


Bathroom drywall, textured and tub installed.

8222010 022


Finished downstairs bath.

101810 107


 Dining room photos

 The back wall will be cut down to open the kitchen up to the dining area.

 dining before (533 x 400)


 Here is the wall cut down leading into kitchen.

dining frame


 New drywall and texture.

 8222010 013


Finished dining pic 1.

101810 102


Finished dining pic 2.

101810 103


Upstairs access 

 Here is the old access opening to the upstairs. There were no stairs and we had to create a staircase to get access.

loft before (533 x 400)


 We had to bring the stairs in from another direction.

7192010 002


 We had to do a platform and turn the stairs toward the dining room. This actual gave the house more character and worked out in our favor.

7192010 001


Staircase will have wood hand rail and steps.

8222010 046


Finished staircase.

101810 105


Upstairs bedroom photos

Upstairs bedroom framed. This area was just attic space before with no access.

7192010 004


New window gives this new bedroom good lighting.

8222010 037


Finished upstairs bedroom.

101810 118


Upstairs bathroom

Here is the upstairs bathroom framed. This bathroom will serve the upstairs bedroom and new bonus room over the master.

loft bath


This is the top of the stairs view of the bathroom. On the otherside is where the bedroom above is located and behind is the hall leading to the bonus room over master.

8222010 045


Here is the inside view of the upstairs bath. It is now ready for paint and tile.

8222010 034


Finished upstairs bath.

101810 119


Master suite photos 

 The walls framed and ready for new windows.

7192010 005 (2)


This back wall will be removed. The window on the far left will become a door leading into the existing structure. The far two windows on the right will be closed off and the third window from the right will become a door leading into the master bathroom. The existing bathroom to the home was a decent size bathroom so we used it as the master bath and built a new guest bath in one of the bedrooms. 

7192010 004 (2)


Here we cut two new doors through the exterior wall of the house. The old entrance to the master bath has been closed off  and a new one created. Now the master bedroom has access to the master bath. The other door connects the new addition to the existing home.



Drywall and texture complete.

8222010 027


Finished master suite

101810 110


 Bonus room photos

 Here you can see the bonus room before we cut a hall into the existing roof. Soon we will have our access to the new master suite that will be tied into the old attic. The upstairs will then have a bedroom, bathroom and bonus/bedroom. We also created storage closets all over.

7192010 007


This is the view from the back of the bonus room. The hall access has ben cut in the original roof and now the loft is connected to the upstairs bonus room over the master.

7262010 002


Randy framing in the new hall that will connect the old attic space to the new bonus room.

7272010 009


Ready for carpet and paint.

8222010 040


Finished loft

101810 117


Here is the view from the old attic / loft. You can see we have almost 9ft ceilings.

7262010 001


This bonus room is 15×15 and has two closets.

7262010 004


Almost done.

8222010 043


Finished loft / 4th bedroom view 2.

101810 116





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