Private Money

Making the Most – Investing in an Alternative Market with Higher Returns

Money markets were a great way to start your investment portfolio, but it’s time to step up and start making a real profit with that same hard earned cash. 

Much turn to safe, stable investment opportunities when looking to turn a profit – but the returns on traditional investments, such as money markets, is limiting. What if you could do that while reaping huge returns on your investment? 
This is where one of the most profitable investment opportunities of the year come into play. Essentially, an investment that allows:
·         Security
·         Low Risks
·         A solid return on investment

Take a look at your common investment choices:

It is well advised in the investment industry to spread your investments in order to increase returns while lowering risks. What options are currently out there?

Stock Market: This is a literal gamble with your money as there is never a telling which direction stock prices are going next. There are many factors to take into consideration when investing in the stock market and it often becomes a full time job just keeping up with what may cause the next stock market plummet and knowing when to cash out. These methods are never foolproof, resulting in an unpredictable and high-risk investment. 
Bonds & CDs: Trying your hand at bonds and CDs are a presumably low risk investment — where you know what you’re getting out before investing. However, in today’s market, what you get out might be little to nothing once inflation is factored in. This makes Bonds and CD’s unattractive to most investors. 
Mutual Funds: As noted, diversification is ideal when investing. When dealing with mutual funds, this is often marketed as a key advantage. However, most mutual fund investors overdiversify, which leads to little benefits at all. Fluctuating returns are also another downfall of this type of investment. 
It doesn’t seem like much is out there for a real investor!

Consider a more effective investment – Real Estate Secured Investment

Now here is what you’ve been waiting for! Our Investment Partner Program offers hands-off investment, a higher rate of return than those typical of fixed-rate investments, and less instability than usual stock investments. 

We offer several programs to invest that are secured by real estate, which also happen to deliver the best of both worlds: higher returns than many other fixed-rate investments, and lower risk than the stock market. 
By investing in a real estate secured investment, you get an extremely attractive interest rate of return on top of your initial investment. So what about worst-case scenario? If things don’t go well and the borrower cannot pay as promised, your investment is still MORE than protected by the property’s own value.

Secured Loans: Once For Banks – Now for Everyone!

The banking business is pretty sweet — they’re well admired in the investing industry since they take little to no risks with high gain.
They are able to do this because they invest in real estate where their investment is secure – they charge a substantial interest rate, while the house remains as collateral on their investment. If they don’t get paid, the house itself becomes their investment! 
What has been a great deal for them can be an even better deal for you!
·         We ensure a healthy equity ratio in a property before investing. We rarely go beyond 50% of the property value to obtain it. We offer an even better interest rate than banks are able to charge, along with a substantial collateral that secures your loan.

Why isn’t this investment method more talked about on Wall Street?

The answer is simple: 

Why should they? From their perspective: They don’t get fat commission checks out of this type of investment, so it’s in their best interest to not make people aware they exist. Why should they show you how to make the most of your money when they don’t make money out of it? 

How it works:

Oftentimes, property owners can find they’re in over their heads due to a number of circumstances: bankruptcy, foreclosure, unmanageable property, divorce, etc. This means they need to sell – and fast. This means they might be unwilling or unable to hire a real estate agent to market and sell their property but still need to dispose of it quickly. 

This is where we come in: We are able to offer a variety of solutions to property owners looking to rid quickly: a cash offer that will allow us to fix up the property and sell it at a profit. As an investor in such a venture, this means a low-risk sizeable return in little time. 
Other circumstances, where there may be defaults on loans and liens, may avail another investment method. In this situation, we provide cash to cure debs and allow the seller to walk away from the property. In exchange, the seller retains the existing financing on the property, and take part in a certain amount of the property’s equity. 
A buyer looking to “rent to own” is then obtained, who provides an up-front cash contribution and makes monthly payments towards ownership. This buyer is responsible for the payments and maintenance of the property while receiving ownership and tax benefits.
At the end of the agreed upon term, the buyer then refinances the property at market value. As a cash investor in this venture, you receive a portion of the equity as a return for your investment.

Why you are essential to our success:

When you put your money into Real Estate Secured Investments it allows us to find amazing real estate opportunities than we can even invest in. This is why we operate with a large network consisting of mortgage companies, hard money lenders, banks, and investors like you to allow us to participate in bigger investment opportunities. We are then able to succeed in real estate investments – and pass the results of that success right on to you as an investor. The more the merrier!