Thunder Trail Flip Video

December 31, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Here is our Thunder trail flip that we did the summer of 2015. We did a major face lift on the front of this ugly mid-century modern home. We used the existing lines and feel of the original plan on the interior. The main changes on the inside was the drop ceilings everywhere that is common with a flat roof. We removed all the boxes used for the AC duct work in the living areas and ran them on the inside wall of the bedrooms to help conceal them. We also built a drop ceiling for the AC ducts over the kitchen bar top. This helped get air to the kitchen, living and dining. We hung lights from the drop ceiling and made it the same size as bar top in the kitchen. This created an illusion that the drop ceiling was meant to be there. The front of the home we created a stained wood wall to match the wood grain garage door. The rest of the home was cosmetic repairs.


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